top quality artisan coffee and sensational Italian hot chocolate on a vintage bike

We produce top quality Artisan coffee and sensational Italian hot chocolate.

The Barista Bike's unique appearance and individuality produces a consumer experience like no other.

We are currently seeking mutual business opportunities and would be most interested in speaking with you.

We are proud to announce that Barista Bike Cafe at Lansdowne Dart Station is now open.

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The Barista Bikes are 100% self sufficient mobile coffee bikes and can be operated independently of a mains water or power supply. We have customized the Barista Bike to accommodate all kinds of weather. 

The Barista Bikes mobile coffee unique appearance and individuality produces a consumer experience like no other.

The Barista Bikes mobile coffee can be placed and located with amazing ease at places such as public parks, streets, train stations, tourist attractions, events, indoor and outside etc.

We are proudly serving best coffee in town in our cafes, please check the locations for more info.


Produced by a family of small artisan roasters in small batches on a weekly basis. This ensures our coffee is of the highest standard & in exemplary condition and most importantly Fairtrade. 

The Barista Bike  coffee is derived from a light roast of carefully selected beans specifically produced for The Barista Bike.

Always fresh and on site ground coffee beans produce the finest coffee available.

With state of the art machinery and experienced baristas we create an unforgettable artisan coffee and experience